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Administrative Structure & Functions of Drug Regulatory Authorities in India

dc.contributor.authorNupur Chowdhury
dc.contributor.authorPallavi Joshi
dc.contributor.authorArpita Patnaik
dc.contributor.authorBeena Saraswathy
dc.description.abstractThe research findings presented in this study are based on legal and policy analysis, field research in terms of stakeholder interviews conducted nationally (Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Kerala) and internationally (USA, Europe, China and Indonesia), and information gathered through RTI applications. Admittedly, drug regulation encompasses substantive policy areas such as pharmaceutical pricing, clinical trials, medical devices, post marketing surveillance, objectionable advertisement and marketing, which are beyond the scope of the present study. Some of these policy areas are expected to be covered in the subsequent years of the Research Program on Drug Regulatory Reforms in India under the Health Policy Initiative of ICRIER
dc.publisherIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
dc.titleAdministrative Structure & Functions of Drug Regulatory Authorities in India
dc.subject.expertGood Governance
dc.subject.expertGovernance Approach
dc.subject.expertPublic Health Administration
dc.subject.expertHealth Policy
dc.subject.expertHealth Financing
dc.subject.expertHealth Legislation
dc.subject.expertHealth Education
dc.subject.expertHealth Care Pricing
dc.subject.expertHealth Care Cost Control
dc.subject.expertEducation, Health and Social Protection
dc.subject.adbPolitical Leadership
dc.subject.adbPublic Administration
dc.subject.adbBusiness Ethics
dc.subject.adbElectronic Government
dc.subject.adbOnline Government
dc.subject.adbDisease Control
dc.subject.adbDrug Policy
dc.subject.adbLong Term Care Insurance
dc.subject.adbMedical Costs
dc.subject.adbPreventive Medicine
dc.subject.adbBasic Health
dc.subject.adbMedical Care
dc.subject.naturalPublic management
dc.subject.naturalSocial contract
dc.subject.naturalPublic health records
dc.subject.naturalCost of medical care
dc.subject.naturalDelivery of health care
dc.subject.naturalMedical and health care industry
dc.title.seriesPolicy Brief
dc.contributor.imprintIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
oar.adminregionSouth Asia Region
oar.authorChowdhury, Nupur
oar.authorJoshi, Pallavi
oar.authorPatnaik, Arpita
oar.authorSaraswathy, Beena
oar.gsauthorNupur Chowdhury
oar.gsauthorPallavi Joshi
oar.gsauthorArpita Patnaik
oar.gsauthorBeena Saraswathy

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