KIEP Policy Briefs


  • Korea-Mongolia Economic Relations: How Can They Be Reinforced? 

    Jae-Young, Lee; Woen, Gwun Ka (Lowy Institute For International Policy, 2016-8-17)
    Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Mongolia in 1990, the two countries have promoted cooperation in various areas including politics, economy, society, and culture, and have even made impressive strides in several fields. ...
  • Korea’s ODA Policy for Fragile States in Asia 

    Yul, Kwon; Mi, Lee Sang; Aila, Yoo (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2016-8-17)
    Last year, the Korean Prime Minister’s Office announced twenty-four priority partner countries for 2016-2020. Eight of these countries are categorized as fragile states, and five of them are in Asia: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. ...

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