Lowy Institute Working Paper


  • Comparative international approaches to establishing identity in undocumented asylum seekers 

    Hollins, Kristian (Lowy Institute For International Policy, 2018-04-30)
    Identity is a fundamental part of the obligations assessments of asylum seekers: the reasons for persecution are inherently linked to the individual’s identity. However, the nature of forced migration means that many will not have access to such ...
  • Labour migration as complementary pathways for refugees in the Asia-Pacific 

    Song, Jay (Lowy Institute For International Policy, 2018-04-30)
    This working paper looks at current legal labour migration schemes in the Asia-Pacific region and examines if any can be opened to humanitarian migrants who may otherwise become targets for migrant smugglers and/or human traffickers. It collects and ...
  • Heading north, staying north? The increasing importance of international migrants to northern and remote Australia 

    Taylor, Andrew (Lowy Institute For International Policy, 2018-01-30)
    Since 2013, northern Australia has experienced a large downturn in its population growth rate, and negative growth in some areas. This followed the highs of the mining boom and was due to net losses of residents to southern regions. Under these ...
  • The fourth industrial revolution and international migration 

    McKenzie, Fiona (Lowy Institute For International Policy, 2017-11-15)
    Technology, globalisation, and digitalisation are having a tremendous impact on education, employment, family, and migration globally. Termed the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, the digital revolution consists of developments in information technologies ...

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