Brookings India Policy Brief


  • Toward a Recalibration of EU-North African Relations 

    is, Adel Abdel Ghafar (Brookings India, 2017-05-30)
    This policy briefing argues that now more than ever, there is a need to recalibrate EU-North Africa relations. While in the short term there is impetus to focus on security and illegal migration, this should not come at the expense of democratization, ...
  • Entrepreneurship: An Engine For Job Creation and Inclusive Growth in the Arab World 

    Momani, Bessma (Brookings India, 2017-03-30)
    This policy briefing examines how regional entrepreneurship initiatives can help Arab countries achieve the SDG of inclusive growth and explores existing political, economic, and socio-cultural challenges such initiatives currently face. It argues that ...
  • Equality and the Economy: Why the Arab World Should Employ More Women 

    Momani, Bessma (Brookings India, 2016-12-30)
    This policy briefing argues that introducing diversity through gender parity will benefit economic growth and can help Arab countries generate prosperity—as well as the normative and social imperative of change. It begins with a discussion of Arab ...
  • Transporting India to the 2030s: What do we need to do? 

    Mohan, Rakesh (Brookings India, 2016-7-30)
    The focus of this paper is on the transportation needs of the country over the next couple of decades, and what we need to do to satisfy them. This might seem to be a relatively narrow area of policy to address but, as will become clearer, if we do not ...

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