Brookings India Policy Brief


  • Extreme poverty in the time of COVID-19 

    Kharas, Homi; Dooley, Meagan (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, 2021-06-30)
    Global poverty had been declining before COVID-19. By our calculations, extreme poverty, defined as those living in households spending less than $1.90 per person per day in 2011 PPP terms, had fallen from 1.9 billion people in 1990 to 648 million in ...
  • Neighbourhood First Responder: India's Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief 

    Chakradeo, Saneet (Brookings India, 2020-08-18)
    The 2015 Nepal earthquake, one of the deadliest in its history, evoked an outpouring of support from the international community in the form of cash contributions, in-kind relief, and search and rescue operations. Among the quickest to respond was ...
  • Travel South Asia: India's Tourism Connectivity with the Region 

    Sinha, Riya; Sharma, Bhumika (Brookings India, 2020-07-30)
    Tourism is an important metric of a country’s soft power potential, marked by an increase in movement of people and enabling people-to-people connectivity. Over the last two decades, South Asia has emerged as an attractive tourist destination due to ...
  • India's Limited Trade Connectivity with South Asia 

    Sinha, Riya; Sareen, Niara (Brookings India, 2020-05-30)
    This policy brief analyses the share of India’s trade with its neighbours. The data used is from World Bank’s World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) database and the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) database. All ...

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