CESD Myanmar: Reports


  • State and Region Public Finances in Myanmar 

    Dickenson-Jones, Giles; De, S Kanay; Smurra, Andrea (Myanmar Development Resource Institute's Centre for Economic and Social Development, 2015-09-30)
    The Myanmar Development Resource Institute's Centre for Economic and Social Development (MDRICESD), in cooperation with the International Growth Centre (IGC) and The Asia Foundation, developed this research as part of the Subnational Governance in ...
  • Myanmar Trade and Investment Strategy 

    MDRI-CESD (East Asian Bureau of Economic Research, 2015-02-15)
    This paper sets out policy recommendations for accelerating the development of the Myanmar economy by expanding international trade and foreign investment, and through greater integration into the regional and world economies. Openness will move the ...
  • Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Myanmar: Current Processes and Future Priorities in Public Financial Management Reform 

    Dickenson-Jones, Giles; Dunn, Lauren; Joelene, Cindy; De, S Kanay; Betty, Mai (Center for Economic and Social Development, 2016-7-30)
    While efforts to engage in more ‘bottom-up’ planning in Myanmar are encouraging, most inputs and prioritization appear to occur at the upper levels of government, with local input and project monitoring occurring mainly through a small number of opaque ...

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