KIEP Working Paper: Recent submissions

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  • An Analysis of Service Trade Regulation in ASEAN and Its Implications 

    La, Meeryung (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2020-02-20)
    The Korean government has been pursuing a New Southern Policy (NSP) focusing on the “3P” areas of cooperation ‒ People, Prosperity, and Peace. The NSP puts people at a center of policy, and emphasizes the enhancement of socio-cultural partnership between ...
  • The Effects of Technological Similarity and Diversity on Merger and Innovation 

    Kang, Gu Sang (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-12-13)
    We examine determinants of merger partner choice and impacts of those factors on post-merger innovation outcomes analyzing 1,432 merger deals in U.S. ICT industries. This paper suggests that technological similarity between merging firms increases ...
  • Institutional Quality, Trade Costs and Comparative Advantage 

    Kim, Sangkyom; Park, Soon Chan (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-10-04)
    We attempt to test the impacts of the quality of institution, of both exporters and importers, on trade costs using CIF/FOB ratio and the relative measure of trade costs proposed by Novy (2013). The outcome shows that the institutional quality of ...
  • The Effect of Export Insurance and Guarantees on Export Performance: An Empirical Analysis for Korea 

    Kim, Kyunghun; Choi, Hyelin (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-08-20)
    This paper examines the question of whether trade insurance contributes to an increase in export and also investigates the channel through which the effect of trade insurance on export is working. We use Korean export data in which destination countries ...