• Social investment – new right agenda or new wine in old bottles? 

    Wilson, Peter; Gill, Derek (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2016-12-31)
    Social investment, Kiwi-style, represents an internationally unique way of thinking about, designing and implementing social policy – or at least certain kinds of social policy. It is notable that ‘social investment’ has been advocated at various times ...
  • Robot Nation? The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Kiwis 

    Drew, Aaron; Ballingall, John (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2015-10-20)
    Drawing on the international research, we explored what some of the technological and social changes might look like for New Zealanders: what industries, jobs and regions might be most affected by the changes, and how well placed are we to adapt to them?
  • TPP an Impressive Achievement 

    Ballingall, John (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2015-10-06)
    Today’s announcement that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) has been concluded is good news for Kiwi firms and households. It’s not perfect, and the dairy sector in particular will naturally be frustrated. But TPP offers valuable benefits ...
  • Sitting Down on the Job 

    Research, New Zealand Institue of Economic (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2015-06-30)
    New Zealand is now one of the most obese countries in the world. The impact on our health comes with substantial economic costs. A range of factors are known to be important, with changes in diet being fingered as one of the culprits. Another less ...

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