CPD Working Papers


  • Prospects and Risks for the Global Economy in 2019 

    Akram, Tanweer (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2019-10-30)
    The pace of global economic growth has slowed down in 2019. The slope of the United States (US) Treasury securities yield curve has become flatter. This is raising concerns about the risks of a global economic recession. The US and People’s Republic ...
  • New Minimum Wage of the RMG Sector Addressing the Issues of Non-Compliance in Implementation 

    Moazzem, Khondaker Golam (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2019-09-30)
    The announcement of new minimum wages for the export-oriented readymade garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh in August 2018 had exposed a number of non-compliances—a) significant mismatch between proposed new minimum wages and workers’ demands; b) ...
  • Financial Sector in Bangladesh Recent Trends and Benchmarking for the Government 

    Habib, Shah Md. Ahsan (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2019-09-30)
    Financial sector of Bangladesh is a bank-based system that has been facing a number of challenges alongside operational expansions. In spite of some notable development, performances of certain section of banks have not been praiseworthy in terms of ...
  • Potential of Personal Income Tax in Bangladesh: An Examination of Survey Data 

    Khan, Towfiqul Islam; Kamal, Muntaseer; Talukdar, Faiyaz (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2019-06-30)
    Revenue mobilisation in Bangladesh has not been commensurate with its rapid economic growth. It is often regarded that, income tax evasion is high in Bangladesh, which undermines income equality and development finance. The present study seeks to create ...

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