CPD Working Papers


  • Alternative Approaches to Full Employment in Bangladesh Role of the Non-farm Sector 

    Muqtada, Muhammed (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-08-15)
    The slow growth of employment in the modern manufacturing sector has raised scepticism on how far, and how quickly, Bangladesh economy could productively absorb its large pool of surplus labour, and attain full employment. Following Ranis and Stewart ...
  • Towards a Social Protection Strategy for Bangladesh 

    Khatun, Fahmida; Saadat, Syed Yusuf (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-08-15)
    Bangladesh now stands at the crossroads of maintaining the momentum of high economic growth and dealing with rising inequality. Social protection measures can play an instrumental role in narrowing inequality through distribution of some of the social ...
  • Macroeconomic Policy, Price Stability and Inclusive Growth in Bangladesh 

    Muqtada, Muhammed (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-07-30)
    During the past two decades, the economy of Bangladesh experienced a fairly sustained macroeconomic stability and was able to achieve substantial growth in gross domestic product (GDP). However, there is evidence to suggest that this growth has neither ...
  • Bangladesh’s Formal and Informal Agricultural Trade with SAARC Countries Emerging Trends and Policy Challenges 

    Rahman, Mustafizur; Bari, Estiaque (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-06-30)
    Bangladesh’s agricultural trade with SAARC countries, through formal channels, accounts for only about 2.4 percent of its global trade. However, formal trade movements do not reveal the actual picture concerning bilateral trade since a significant part ...

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