CPD Working Papers


  • Exploring the State of Youth in the SDG Context How is Bangladesh Doing? 

    Bhattacharya, Debapriya; Barua, Lumbini; Islam, Shusmita (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-10-30)
    The world is currently home to nearly 1.2 billion youth, and among them 27.4 million reside in Bangladesh. Recognising the immense potentials of this huge youth population, the Agenda 2030 strongly advocates for creating a safe and enabling environment ...
  • Fiscal Implications of Rohingya Crisis for Bangladesh 

    Khatun, Fahmida; Kamruzzaman, Md (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-10-30)
    The study presents some preliminary observations on economic and social impact of recent Rohingya influx to Bangladesh, based on field-level investigations. It also makes estimations on resource requirements for hosting Rohingyas under various scenarios. ...
  • Growth of Employment in the Manufacturing Sector: Impact of Trade and Trade-related Policies 

    Moazzem, Khondaker Golam; Reza, Md Minhaz M (Center for Economic and Social Development, 2018-08-30)
    The growth of the manufacturing sector has been considered as one of the key policy tools for the structural transformation of the Bangladesh economy and as a major mean for achieving full employment. Following Jenkins and Sen (2007), this paper has ...
  • Towards a Social Protection Strategy for Bangladesh 

    Khatun, Fahmida; Saadat, Syed Yusuf (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-08-15)
    Bangladesh now stands at the crossroads of maintaining the momentum of high economic growth and dealing with rising inequality. Social protection measures can play an instrumental role in narrowing inequality through distribution of some of the social ...

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