SDPI Working Papers


  • The role of heat stress in migration decisions: A case study of Faisalabad 

    Umar, Muhammad Awais; Saeed, Fahad (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2018-01-25)
    This study is an attempt to understand the direct relation between migration decisions and heat stress. It will examine not only the impact of heat on livelihoods, but also take into account explicitly the impact of heat stress or thermal comfort level ...
  • Impact of Human capital on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan 

    Kazmi, Syed Mohsin; Ali, Kazim; Ali, Ghamze (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-10-30)
    Human capital is an intangible source managed mutually by the individuals and groups within the population. Many social indicators such as school enrolments, life expectancy, health, knowledge, and skills are collectively known as human capital. Usually, ...
  • How Government Funds help to reduce poverty? A case study of CIF & BISP in Sindh 

    Zahid, Junaid; Kazmi, Mohsin (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-08-30)
    Poverty is not a new phenomenon; it is in fact a biggest challenge the world has been facing since centuries. Governments and global institutions are all set to cope with this issue by using their separate resources, but there is no immediate solution ...
  • Migration futures in Asia and Africa: economic opportunities and distributional effects – the case of Pakistan 

    Salik, Kashif Majeed; Qaisrani, Ayesha; Umar, Muhammad Awais; Ali, Syed Mohsin (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-07-30)
    This study is structured into four main sections. Section 1 provides an introduction, contextual understanding of socioeconomic issues in rural Pakistan, analytical framework, study sites rationale and methods. Section 2 states the results of the ...

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