SDPI Working Papers


  • Mapping the cotton value chain in Pakistan: A preliminary assessment for identification of climate vulnerabilities & pathways to adaptation 

    Batool, Samavia; Saeed, Fahad (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-05-30)
    As part of the Pathways to Resilience in Semi-arid Economies (PRISE) project, this working paper aims to analyse existing data on the cotton and textile sector in Pakistan, and identify horizontal and vertical linkages2 within the cotton value chain ...
  • Is FDI Growth Enhancing: An Exploration from OIC Member Countries 

    Javed, Sajid Amin; Shirazi, Nasim Shah (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-01-30)
    This study examines the impact of FDI inflow on economic growth of the selected countries over the period of 1980-2011. Results, from Generalized Method of Moment (GMM) in Simultaneous Equations Model (SEM), suggest that positive spillover-effect of ...
  • Freedom of Expression in Pakistan: A myth or a reality 

    Liaquat, Sadaf; Qaisrani, Ayesha; Khokhar, Elishma Noel (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-10-30)
    In Pakistan, freedom of expression is the constitutional right of every citizen; however, this right is seldom exercised due to red tape. This study intends to explore the current status of freedom of expression in the country with the aim to identify ...
  • Socio-economic and Cultural Factors of Violence against Women in Pakistan 

    Qaisrani, Ayesha; Liaquat, Sadaf; Khokhar, Elishma Noel (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-08-30)
    In Pakistan, violence against women is an uncanny behaviour that transpired to be a ‘norm’ due to the preposterous acceptance of centuries-old conservative and feudal mindset. Though there have been legislative developments to address this serious ...

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