SDPI Working Papers


  • Freedom of Expression in Pakistan: A myth or a reality 

    Liaquat, Sadaf; Qaisrani, Ayesha; Khokhar, Elishma Noel (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-10-30)
    In Pakistan, freedom of expression is the constitutional right of every citizen; however, this right is seldom exercised due to red tape. This study intends to explore the current status of freedom of expression in the country with the aim to identify ...
  • Recovering from war and living in hope: Fruit and vegetable markets in Pakistan’s Swat Valley 

    Suleri, Abid Q.; Shahbaz, Babar; Shah, Qasim Ali (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-05-15)
    Pakistan’s Swat valley is the centre of fruit and vegetable production in Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa province. Between 2007 and 2009 the markets’ activity was severely compromised by Taliban militancy and the army action against them; a third of agricultural ...
  • Improving Quality of Education Along With Increasing Access to Education: Taking Both Steps Forward 

    Chatha, Irfan Ahmad; Saeed, Tahir; Zahid, Junaid (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-05-15)
    The post 2015 development agenda seeks to put equal focus on quality of education and access to education. But in a developing country like Pakistan, which failed to achieve the education targets of Millennium Development Goals, it has become quite ...
  • Corporate Tax Reforms in Pakistan 

    Ahmed, Vaqar; Talpur, Mustafa (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-04-15)
    Tax policy plays an important part in inclusive growth, incomes and wealth redistribution. Owing to a narrow tax base in Pakistan, the ability of taxes to alter distribution of incomes in favour of the poorest income quintiles has been limited. This ...

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