NZIER public discussion paper


  • Kia māia: Be bold; Improving the wellbeing of children living in poverty 

    Wilson, Peter (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2019-05-01)
    This paper is about how to improve the wellbeing of children living in poverty. We propose a framework for thinking about child poverty that supplements a focus on resource adequacy with insights from Amartya Sen’s capability approach to wellbeing.
  • The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994: The astonishing success of a weak non-binding policy 

    Gill, Derek (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2018-11-30)
    This paper discusses how New Zealand already has a highly independent fiscal institution in the Treasury. A more limited case can be made for an institution to support the opposition in costing policy proposals as occurs in Australia with the Parliamentary ...
  • Is peak globalisation upon us? Globalisation is much more than trade in goods 

    Murray, Alastair; Nixon, Chris; Yeabsley, John (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2017-07-01)
    We examine the phenomenon of globalisation as it affects New Zealand. We look at its impact on New Zealand and ask whether it is a force which has had its day (peak globalisation) or is it continuing to morph and evolve.
  • Defining social investment, Kiwi-style 

    Research, New Zealand Institute of Economic (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2016-12-30)
    The New Zealand Government has named its current approach to social policy “social investment”. A name is label that identifies something. When that thing is a social policy, what it does and how it affects peoples’ lives, rather than what it is called, ...

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