NZIER Report


  • The benefits of trade 

    Research, New Zealand Institute of Economic (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2017-07-11)
    Global sentiment has shifted against trade liberalisation and globalisation. There are concerns that increased imports are causing job losses and that economic integration initiatives like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are restricting governments’ ...
  • New Zealand fuel market financial performance study 

    Meade, Richard; Moore, Russell; Wilson, Peter (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2017-05-29)
    Our study addresses three questions: 1. Are retail fuel prices reasonable? 2. What factors could explain regional differences in those prices? 3. Is there evidence of cross-subsidisation between products and markets? One of the key focuses of the study ...
  • Valuing access to work 

    Bealing, Michael; Krieble, Todd; Pambudi, Daniel (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2017-03-30)
    NZIER was commissioned by the Blind Foundation to analyse the economic impact of the potential outcomes from improving access to employment for people with disabilities (PWD). PWD are more likely to be not employed or in part-time employment than people ...
  • Plantation forestry statistics : contribution of forestry to New Zealand 

    Nixon, Chris; Gamperle, Dion; Pambudi, Daniel; Clough, Peter (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2017-03-22)
    This report has been commissioned by the New Zealand Forest Owners Association and New Zealand Farm Foresters Association funded by the Forestry Growers Levy Trust. These entities are looking to facilitate a better understanding of the role of forestry ...

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