NZIER Report


  • Pacific economic trends and snapshot 2016 

    Krieble, Todd; Gamperle, Dion (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2016-10-31)
    Pacific Economic Trends and Snapshot 2016 updates our 2013 Snapshot and provides new insights that can be used to inform policies, programmes and further research. This 2016 update includes new statistics on housing and Pasifika businesses. The key ...
  • Foreign Direct Investment in New Zealand: A Breif Review of the Pros and Cons 

    Research, New Zealand Institue of Economic (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2016-06-15)
    topic. For New Zealand how we connect with the world is a major issue since we import most of our technology and have a relatively shallow domestic capital base. Yet many New Zealanders are sensitive about FDI. Polling consistently shows resistance to ...
  • Agriculture and Food and Beverage GVC Policy Considerations 

    Ballingall, John; Destremau, Killian (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 2016-01-15)
    The days of thinking about trade policy in terms of tariff barriers at the border increasing the cost of packing things in boxes and sending them to the final consumer are long gone. Modern regional or global economic integration is characterised by ...
  • Global value networks: How to succeed in business without worrying about scale, distance or thin networks 

    Kubiak, Laurence; Riley, Phillip; Destremau., Killian (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 20015-09-1)
    In recent years, global value chains and the role of New Zealand firms within them have attracted a great deal of interest from policy, academic and commercial communities. The interest is well merited: developing and deepening our understanding in ...

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