Book Series

Book series from the Asian Development Bank in this collection are books released sequentially, and are scholarly publications that have common characteristics such as thematic approach, geographic location, or sector focus. The books in a series may be organized in different ways but each series is always formally identified as one collection.


  • Green Cities 

    Lindfield, Michael; Steinberg, Florian (Asian Development Bank, 2012-11-01)
    Asia's cities have been the drivers of the economy and have lifted millions out of poverty. However, the environmental consequences of this rapid development are apparent, and the citizens of Asia’s urban areas are increasingly insistent that something ...
  • Inclusive Cities 

    Steinberg, Florian; Lindfield, Michael (Asian Development Bank, 2011-04-01)
    Slums, informal settlements, and dilapidated inner-city tenements are problems that many cities in Asia and the Pacific struggle with while their economies try to modernize and develop. Their existence puts at risk not only these economies but also ...
  • Rebuilding Lives and Homes in Aceh and Nias, Indonesia 

    Steinberg, Florian; Smidt, Pieter (Asian Development Bank, 2010-09-01)
    In December 2004, a seaquake shook the Indian Ocean, producing a powerful tsunami. The greatest damage occurred in Indonesia, nearest the quake's epicenter. The Asian Development Bank responded with a $290 million grant under the Earthquake and Tsunami ...
  • Unleashing Economic Growth: Region-Based Urban Development Strategy for Nepal 

    Choe, KyeongAe; Pradhan, Pushkar (Asian Development Bank, 2010-06-01)
    The book provides an overview of the economic, political, and social environment in Nepal and the challenges confronting the country in eliciting its economic growth potential. The book provides an insightful framework of an inclusive development ...

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