ADBI Research Paper Series

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) research paper series disseminate selected work in progress to facilitate an exchange of ideas within academic and policy communities. An objective of the series is to circulate primary findings promptly, regardless of the degree of finish. ADBI’s activities are guided by its three strategic priority themes of inclusive and sustainable growth, regional cooperation and integration, and governance for policies and institutions.


  • Disaster Risk Management in Asia and the Pacific: Issues Paper 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2013-04-15)
    This issues paper aims to help ADB DMC governments integrate Disaster Risk Management into their national developmental strategies and examine how emerging economies of Asia can cooperate to improve their disaster risk management practices, in view of ...
  • At Different Speeds: Policy Complementarities and the Recovery from the Asian Crisis 

    Rocha, Bruno (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2009-07-15)
    This paper begins with a short review and discussion of the literature on policy complementarities and their implications in terms of (sustainable) growth strategies and the possible emergence of a new policy making paradigm. Then, it provides a ...
  • Strategies for the People's Republic of China's Small and Medium Enterprise Development within the National Innovation System 

    Yang, Tracy; Lim, Jamus Jerome; Kanamori, Toshiki (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2008-11-15)
    With deregulation and globalization, and the impact of these developments on economies worldwide, it has become necessary for the PRC authorities to consider an approach that would further attune its economic engine toward sustained growth. This paper ...
  • Technology and Indonesia's Industrial Competitiveness 

    Wie, Thee Kian (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2006-02-15)
    This paper will discuss the major factors, which affect Indonesia’s industrial competitiveness, specifically the determinants of its industrial technology development, which is crucial to raising Indonesia’s competitiveness. After a brief overview of ...

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