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  • Prospects for Transitioning from a Linear to Circular Economy in Developing Asia 

    Arthur, Linda; Hondo, Derek; Hughes, Maria; Kohonen, Reetta (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2022-02-22)
    Unsustainable consumption, driven by the increasing extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, and production, is contributing to environmental degradation and the acceleration of climate change. In developing Asia, consumption trends will continue ...
  • Harnessing Digitalization for Sustainable Economic Development: Insights for Asia 

    Beirne, John; Fernandez, David G. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-12-30)
    This book provides an overview of the implications of digitalization for sustainable economic development, with a focus on perspectives from Asia and the Pacific. It features new research on the role of digitalization in enhancing sustainable, inclusive, ...
  • The Development and Social Impacts of Pakistan’s New Khanki Barrage: A Project Benefit Case Study 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2021-11-15)
    This study examines the development and describes the advanced technology used for the construction and operation of the New Khanki Barrage in Punjab, Pakistan. It highlights the socioeconomic benefits of the project, including an increase in agricultural ...
  • Labor Migration in Asia: Impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis and the Post-Pandemic Future 

    (OECD), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; (ILO)., International Labour Organization (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-04-07)
    This report analyzes the labor migration trends in Asia and puts them in the context of economic and policy developments and the changes wrought by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. It examines the policy settings in the major origin and ...