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The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) was established in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan, to help build capacity, skills, and knowledge related to poverty reduction and other areas that support long-term growth and competitiveness in developing economies in Asia and the Pacific. ADBI started publishing in 1998, and has since been sharing development knowledge about Asia and the Pacific through its publications.


  • Wealthy but Unhealthy Overweight and Obesity in Asia and the Pacific: Trends, Costs, and Policies for Better Health 

    Helble, Matthias; Sato, Azusa (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-06-15)
    Two of five adults in the Asia and Pacific region are overweight and obese. The costs associated with these conditions undermine economic growth in the region as well as the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly ...
  • Global Shocks and the New Global and Regional Financial Architecture: Asian Perspectives 

    Yoshino, Naoyuki; Morgan, Peter J.; Rana, Pradumna B. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-05-15)
    In light of the evolving global economic order and the experiences of the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, this book addresses the important question of how Asia’s regional architecture for economic and financial surveillance, financial safety ...
  • Labor Migration in Asia: Increasing the Development Impact of Migration through Finance and Technology 

    Development, Organization for Economic Co-operation and; International Labour Organization (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-04-15)
    This report documents the increase in labor migration in Asia and looks a t how finance and technology can aid its positive impact on home countries. As diasporas increase, governments have reached out to citizens abroad to provide them with financial ...
  • Slowdown in the People’s Republic of China: Structural Factors and the Implications for Asia 

    Lin, Justin Yifu; Morgan, Peter J.; Wan, Guanghua (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-04-15)
    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been growing at an unprecedented rate since economic reforms were initiated in 1978, achieving an average annual real GDP growth rate of 9.7% over the entire period through 2015. As a consequence, the PRC has ...

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