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Impact Evaluation of ADB Supported Interventions in Bangladesh’s Secondary Education Sector
dc.description.abstractThis approach paper presents the rationale, objectives, scope, and timeline for a study that will evaluate the impact of several interventions the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has supported in Bangladesh’s secondary education subsector. These interventions include: (i) the provision of stipends and tuition waivers to selected students, (ii) the construction of schools in underserviced areas, (iii) the construction of classrooms in overcrowded schools, and (iv) efforts to improve educational quality through management and examination reform and curriculum and capacity development. The study will be embedded in a mixed-methods framework. However, quasi-experimental methods will primarily be used to assess the impact of the stipend/tuition waiver and construction interventions, while in-depth qualitative research will be the main approach used to critically assess ADB’s contribution towards enhancing the quality of secondary education. The study’s final product is expected to provide ADB, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), and other development partners with a holistic understanding of the effectiveness of the interventions the former has supported in Bangladesh’s secondary education subsector over the previous 2 decades.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleImpact Evaluation of ADB Supported Interventions in Bangladesh’s Secondary Education Sector
dc.typeInstitutional Materials
dc.subject.expertHigher Education Costs
dc.subject.expertLevels Of Education
dc.subject.expertEducational Reform
dc.subject.expertEducational Policies
dc.subject.expertEducational Quality
dc.subject.expertEducational Programs
dc.subject.expertGovernance Approach
dc.subject.expertCorporate Governance Framework
dc.subject.adbHigher education
dc.subject.adbSecondary education
dc.subject.adbHigher education institutions
dc.subject.adbEducational aspects
dc.subject.adbEconomics of education
dc.subject.adbEducational development
dc.subject.adbPublic Administration
dc.subject.adbInstitutional Framework
dc.subject.naturalDistributive education
dc.subject.naturalCommunication in technical education
dc.subject.naturalCollege preparation programs
dc.subject.naturalCommunity and college
dc.subject.naturalPublic universities and colleges
dc.subject.naturalPrivate universities and colleges
dc.subject.naturalCollege dropouts
dc.subject.naturalCommunication in higher education
dc.subject.naturalHigher education and state
dc.subject.naturalState departments of education
dc.subject.naturalPolitical obligation
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionSouth Asia Region
oar.authorAsian Development Bank

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