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Gender Action Plans and Gender Equality Results: Rapid Gender Assessments of ADB Projects (Synthesis Report)

dc.contributor.authorJuliet Hunt
dc.contributor.authorShireen Lateef
dc.contributor.authorHelen T Thomas
dc.description.abstract"As part of the implementation review of its Policy on Gender and Development, ADB conducted rapid gender assessments of 12 projects under implementation in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Pakistan to determine whether the inclusion of gender action plans (GAPs) in project design improve results for women. This report summarizes the main findings, lessons and recommendations from the four country studies. The assessments concluded that project gender action plans are an effective tool for gender mainstreaming. They provide a road map for implementation; assist to produce better results for women, help to achieve overall project objectives, facilitate institutional change, and contribute to overall sustainability. The assessment also highlighted that gender action plans should include specific targets and strategies for each project component with clear monitorable indicators; the need for inclusion of gender specialists in project teams to assist with the design and implementation of effective plans; committed leadership and ownership of GAPs by executing agencies and project teams. "
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleGender Action Plans and Gender Equality Results: Rapid Gender Assessments of ADB Projects (Synthesis Report)
dc.subject.expertGender Bias
dc.subject.expertGender Differences
dc.subject.expertGender Discrimination
dc.subject.expertGender Equality
dc.subject.expertGender Gaps
dc.subject.expertGender Inequality
dc.subject.expertGender Issues
dc.subject.expertGender Relations
dc.subject.expertGender Roles
dc.subject.expertAssessing Corporate Governance
dc.subject.expertCorporate Governance Reform
dc.subject.expertGovernance Models
dc.subject.adbComparative Analysis
dc.subject.adbSocial Research
dc.subject.adbSex Discrimination
dc.subject.adbEmployment Discrimination
dc.subject.adbWomen's Rights
dc.subject.adbEqual Opportunity
dc.subject.adbEqual Pay
dc.subject.adbMen's Role
dc.subject.adbWomen's Role
dc.subject.adbInstitutional Framework
dc.subject.adbBusiness Management
dc.subject.adbCorporate Restructuring
dc.subject.naturalGender-based analysis
dc.subject.naturalSex differences
dc.subject.naturalJob bias
dc.subject.naturalEqual employment opportunity
dc.subject.naturalFair employment practice
dc.subject.naturalJob discrimination
dc.subject.naturalAffirmative action programs
dc.subject.naturalSex dicrimination against women
dc.subject.naturalPay equity
dc.subject.naturalEqual rights amendment
dc.subject.naturalEmancipation of women
dc.subject.naturalEqual rights
dc.subject.naturalWomen's movements
dc.subject.naturalPersonnel management
dc.subject.naturalCorporate reorganizations
dc.subject.naturalIntergovernmental cooperation
dc.title.seriesGender Equality Results in ADB Projects
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.themeLabor Migration
oar.themeSmall Medium Business
oar.adminregionAsia and the Pacific Region
oar.authorHunt, Juliet
oar.authorLateef, Shireen
oar.authorThomas, Helen T

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