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Economic Analysis of Health Projects: A Case Study in Cambodia

dc.contributor.authorErik Bloom
dc.contributor.authorPeter Choynowski
dc.description.abstractThe economic analysis of health projects has not received the attention that projects in other sectors have received primarily because of perceived difficulties in quantifying economic benefits. However, there is a misconception that economic analysis is a simple calculation of an economic internal rate of return. Rather, it envelops a broader range of issues that includes the rationale for the project, cost effectiveness, demand for the project output, economic viability, sustainability, and equity considerations. The purpose of this technical note is to present an example of an approach to the economic analysis of a health project that may be used as a guide for future projects. It is based on an actual health project approved by the Asian Development Bank for Cambodia that will be implemented over the period 2003-2006.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleEconomic Analysis of Health Projects: A Case Study in Cambodia
dc.typeWorking Papers
dc.subject.expertWork Environment
dc.subject.expertUrban Environment
dc.subject.expertSocial Environment
dc.subject.expertRegulatory Environments
dc.subject.expertMarine Environment
dc.subject.expertInternational Environmental Relations
dc.subject.expertInstitutional Environment Assessment
dc.subject.expertGlobal Environment
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Sustainability
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Strategy
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Services
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Resources
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Management and Planning
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Issues
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Guidelines
dc.subject.expertEnvironmental Effects
dc.subject.expertEnvironment and Pollution Prevention
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Control
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Technology
dc.subject.adbLand Development
dc.subject.adbForestry Development
dc.subject.adbFishery Development
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Statistics
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Planning
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Management
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Education
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Capacity
dc.subject.adbPollution Control
dc.subject.adbNature Protection
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Conservation
dc.subject.naturalAir quality indexes
dc.subject.naturalEcological risk assessment
dc.subject.naturalEnvironmental impact evaluation
dc.subject.naturalAnalysis of environmental impact
dc.subject.naturalEnvironmental toxicology
dc.subject.naturalHealth risk assessment
dc.subject.naturalRain and rainfall
dc.subject.naturalAcid precipitation
dc.subject.naturalOzone-depleting substance mitigation
dc.subject.naturalGreenhouse gas mitigation
dc.subject.naturalPrevention of pollution
dc.subject.naturalAir quality
dc.subject.naturalAir quality management
dc.title.seriesERD Technical Note
dc.title.volumeno 6
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionAsia and the Pacific Region
oar.authorBloom, Erik
oar.authorChoynowski, Peter

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