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Does a Leapfrogging Growth Strategy Raise Growth Rate? Some International Evidence

dc.contributor.authorZhi Wang
dc.contributor.authorShang-Jin Wei
dc.contributor.authorAnna Wong
dc.description.abstract"While openness to trade is a well-recognized hallmark of the Asian growth model, another component of the model is a leapfrogging strategy—the use of policies to guide industrial structural transformation ahead of a country's factor endowment. Does the leapfrogging strategy work? Opinions vary but the evidence is scarce in part because it is more difficult to measure the degree of leapfrogging than the extent of trade openness. We undertake a systematic look at the evidence both across countries and subregions within a large regional Asian economy to assess the efficacy of such a strategy. We conclude that there is no strong and robust evidence that this strategy works reliably. "
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleDoes a Leapfrogging Growth Strategy Raise Growth Rate? Some International Evidence
dc.typeWorking Papers
dc.subject.expertTrade Facilitation
dc.subject.expertEconomic integration
dc.subject.expertRegional Economic Integration
dc.subject.expertFree Trade
dc.subject.expertTrade Agreements
dc.subject.expertTrade Policy
dc.subject.expertEconomic Development
dc.subject.expertInternational Economics
dc.subject.adbEconomic planning
dc.subject.adbEconomic structure
dc.subject.adbGrowth policy
dc.subject.adbTrade relations
dc.subject.adbTrade policy
dc.subject.adbTrade policy
dc.subject.adbEconomic development
dc.subject.naturalRegional economics
dc.subject.naturalEconomic forecasting
dc.subject.naturalEconomic development projects
dc.subject.naturalSuccess in business
dc.subject.naturalFree trade
dc.title.seriesRegional Economic Integration Working Papers
dc.title.volumeno 47
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionEast Asia Region
oar.countryChina, People's Republic of
oar.authorWang, Zhi
oar.authorWei, Shang-Jin
oar.authorWong, Anna

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  • Regional Economic Integration Working Paper Series
    The Asian Development Bank Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration focuses on topics relating to regional cooperation and integration in the areas of infrastructure and software, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public goods. The series is a quick-disseminating, informal publication that seeks to provide information, generate discussion, and elicit comments.

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