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Helping India Achieve 24x7 Water Supply Service by 2010

dc.contributor.authorK. E. Seetharam
dc.contributor.authorGeoffrey Bridges
dc.description.abstractThis Technical Note summarizes observations and outputs from the Roundtable Discussion on Private Sector Participation (PSP) in Water Supply in India held in Bangalore on 15-16 June 2005 and the follow-up conference on 25 August 2005 in Delhi. It is designed to disseminate to a wider audience the broader principles of PSP options that could be considered for India and other DMCs in order to promote accelerated progress towards achievement of the water sector MDGs by 2015. This document is not a detailed technical or financial synopsis of what should be done but simply seeks to provide an indication of options and an outline roadmap towards achieving greater effectiveness and improved progress in the timely delivery of MDG targets.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleHelping India Achieve 24x7 Water Supply Service by 2010
dc.subject.expertWaterAccess To Water
dc.subject.expertAvailable Water
dc.subject.expertWater Resources Development
dc.subject.expertDemand For Water
dc.subject.expertDrinking Water
dc.subject.expertDrinking Water And Sanitation
dc.subject.expertDevelopment Challenges
dc.subject.expertDevelopment Issues
dc.subject.expertRural Development
dc.subject.expertRural Development Projects
dc.subject.expertRural Development Research
dc.subject.expertSustainable Development
dc.subject.expertPrimary Energy
dc.subject.expertHealth, Education, Water
dc.subject.expertHuman Right To Water
dc.subject.expertPotable Water
dc.subject.expertQuality Of Water
dc.subject.expertRight To Water
dc.subject.expertRural Water Supply
dc.subject.expertSafe Water
dc.subject.expertWater And Sanitation, Electricity
dc.subject.adbRural areas
dc.subject.adbRural planning
dc.subject.adbRural poverty
dc.subject.adbDevelopment assistance
dc.subject.adbAid in kind
dc.subject.adbStandard of living
dc.subject.adbStrategic planning
dc.subject.adbDevelopment strategy
dc.subject.adbEnergy Resources
dc.subject.adbEnergy crisis
dc.subject.adbEnergy Demand
dc.subject.adbEnergy Supply
dc.subject.adbWater Shortage
dc.subject.naturalEnergy development
dc.subject.naturalPower supply
dc.subject.naturalEconomic development projects
dc.subject.naturalHuman rights and globalization
dc.subject.naturalDeveloping countries
dc.subject.naturalCommunity development
dc.subject.naturalDrinking water protection
dc.subject.naturalFreshwater quality
dc.title.seriesWater for All
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionSouth Asia Region
oar.authorSeetharam, K. E.
oar.authorBridges, Geoffrey

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