KDI Focus


  • The Global Trade Environment in the Biden Era and Response Strategies for Korea 

    Song, Yeongkwan (Korea Development Institute, 2021-01-19)
    As Joe Biden finds his footing as the 46th president of the United States, the world’s attention has been captured by the coming policy moves of the new administration, especially in terms of trade. Details have yet to be released on President Biden’s ...
  • Child-centered, Play-based Education and Future Competency 

    Kim, Inkyung (Korea Development Institute, 2020-08-20)
    With the rapid developments in AI, robotics and biotechnology, among others, our children will witness jobs being created and becoming obsolete at ever-increasing speeds. Indeed, although the impact of the changes in science and technology cannot be ...
  • Mounting Uncertainties in the Global Trade Order and Korea’s Policy Response 

    Song, Yeongkwan (Korea Development Institute, 2020-01-30)
    This study analyzes the impact of the US-China trade conflict on the exports and GDP of major manufacturing exporting countries like the US, China, Germany, Japan and Korea. To this end, the tariff measures imposed during the conflict were divided into ...
  • Smart Policies for Smart Factories 

    Kim, Minho; Chung, Sunghoon; Lee, Changkeun (Korea Development Institute, 2019-11-20)
    This study conducts a detailed survey of approximately 1,000 manufacturing plants to measure their level of smartness―otherwise known as smartization―and analyzes how the changes in smartization affect the performance and employment of their factories. ...

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