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Pakistan Country Gender Assessment: Volume 2 of 2: Sector Analyses and Case Studies
dc.description.abstractThere are several areas where development efforts may further Pakistan’s progress toward gender equality and women’s empowerment. This publication focuses on selected key sectors of ADB’s current operations in Pakistan: energy, transport, urban and rural development, social protection, and finance while drawing attention to other equally important thematic areas such as education, population, health and nutrition, and reconstruction in post conflict and natural disaster situations. In this publication, sector-specific gender issues, lessons learned from selected development assistance projects, and entry points or practical tips for gender mainstreaming through policy and program development, capacity building, and research are presented for guidance of sector experts who aim to realize gender inclusive outcomes.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titlePakistan Country Gender Assessment: Volume 2 of 2: Sector Analyses and Case Studies
dc.subject.expertGender Bias
dc.subject.expertGender Differences
dc.subject.expertGender Discrimination
dc.subject.expertGender Equality
dc.subject.expertGender Gaps
dc.subject.expertGender Inequality
dc.subject.expertGender Issues
dc.subject.expertGender Relations
dc.subject.expertGender Roles
dc.subject.expertWomen's Health Services
dc.subject.expertWomen's Health
dc.subject.expertUrban Health Services
dc.subject.expertRural Health Services
dc.subject.expertMaternal Health Service
dc.subject.expertHealth Service Delivery
dc.subject.expertHealth Care Access
dc.subject.expertEducation, Health and Social Protection
dc.subject.adbComparative Analysis
dc.subject.adbSocial Research
dc.subject.adbSex Discrimination
dc.subject.adbEmployment Discrimination
dc.subject.adbWomen's Rights
dc.subject.adbEqual Opportunity
dc.subject.adbEqual Pay
dc.subject.adbMen's Role
dc.subject.adbWomen's Role
dc.subject.adbPrenatal Care
dc.subject.adbHealth Care Services
dc.subject.adbBasic Health
dc.subject.naturalGender-based analysis
dc.subject.naturalSex differences
dc.subject.naturalJob bias
dc.subject.naturalEqual employment opportunity
dc.subject.naturalFair employment practice
dc.subject.naturalJob discrimination
dc.subject.naturalAffirmative action programs
dc.subject.naturalSex discrimination against women
dc.subject.naturalPay equity
dc.subject.naturalEqual rights amendment
dc.subject.naturalEmancipation of women
dc.subject.naturalEqual rights
dc.subject.naturalWomen's movements
dc.subject.naturalHealth services for women
dc.subject.naturalMedical and health care industry
dc.subject.naturalPrevention of disease
dc.subject.naturalDelivery of medical care
dc.contributor.imprintGovernment of Australia
dc.contributor.imprintGovernment of Canada
oar.adminregionCentral West Asia Region
oar.authorAustralia, Government of
oar.authorCanada, Government of

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