1. Books

Books are substantial publications that deal with broad thematic topics or issues of current interest and provide specific analytical information with content based on statistics, research, or technical work. Books can also be a compendium of research reports on core subjects or development issues.


  • Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2018 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-30)
    The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2018, the 49th edition of this series, includes the latest available economic, financial, social, and environmental indicators for the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank. It presents the latest ...
  • Water Financing Partnership Facility: Semiannual Progress Report January to June 2018 

    Aid, Australian; SDC, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation; Netherlands, Kingdom of the; foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-15)
    Established on 29 November 2006, the Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) aims to provide additional financial and knowledge resources from development partners to support the implementation of Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Water Financing ...
  • Kuznets Beyond Kuznets: Structural Transformation and Income Inequality in the Era of Globalization in Asia 

    Paul, Saumik (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-09-15)
    Kuznets’ views about the inverted-U relationship between inequality and development and the process of structural transformation have been under the lens of researchers for a long time. Over the last 20 years, immense potential for growth in Asia has ...
  • Postal Savings: Reaching Everyone in Asia 

    Yoshino, Naoyuki; Ansón, José; Helble, Matthias (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-08-31)
    Rapid economic growth in Asia has been going hand in hand with increased savings. However, many Asians still lack access to bank accounts. Another problem is that domestic savings are often invested abroad, not domestically. An improved mobilizing of ...

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